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We are Automotive Recruiters Trainers and Consultants with a stellar reputation for finding, on boarding, and enhancing new hire’s success and retention rates. Recruiting, training and consulting since 1998.
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TK Worldwide staffs for all positions in a dealership including In Dealership Insurance Agencies and works in every sized market and every sized dealership in the nation. We use multiple job boards to create broader access to applicants and job seekers giving our dealers the ultimate advantage. We purchase in bulk which translates into savings for you when you buy from us. Whether you’re looking for just one talented person, or you need to staff an entire dealer group our cost effective solutions will ensure your success.


Our Nationally Recognized Recruiting Services And BDC Installations / Optimizations Launches Stores To Never Before Achieved Results In Sales Volume! Click here and scroll down to see a list of video testimonials for our BDC Installation/Optimization and phone training services


It’s not just about hiring people… It’s about hiring the RIGHT people!
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TK Worldwide Mission Statement
“To provide clients with consistent quality work with respect for their goals and aspirations and to provide those seeking gainful employment and/or training with a unique learning experience that will improve their overall quality of life.” – John Lewis Pastore (Operations VP)
Fixed Ops Magazine Features Kevin Bradberry’s Article On Technicians
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