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  • Level 1 Trainer – Must have at least 2 years of management experience and a very strong background in public speaking. MUST HAVE A GENUINE PASSION FOR HELPING PEOPLE!
  • Level 2 Trainer – Must also be prepared to do Level 1 Training. Level Two Trainers conduct “Needs assesments, process implementation, management training, (including F&I Menu Selling System), Business Development Center (BDC) installation, fixed operations consulting and evaluation. Must have at least 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. Must have been a General Sales Manager or an F&I Director for at least 2 years. Must have been working in a 100 unit per month store, or higher. Referrals in these positions from previous employers are a must!
  • Level 3 Trainer – Must have a strong grasp on ALL dealership operations. Must be an expert in all areas of dealership operations. A Level Three trainer should be a former dealer, or managing partner. Work load will include Recruiting and Training, needs assesment, process implementation, BDC Installation, training for GM, GSM, Sales Manager, F&I Manager, F&I Director, and Sales Recruiting. Must be a Fixed Operations Specialist, Service Department, Used Car Operations, Sales Department, F&I Department.
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If you are currently employed at a TK Client Dealership, we must receive a letter or email from your GM/Owner expressing his or her knowledge of your application submittal to TK Worldwide or your application WILL NOT be accepted.