How To Recruit Top Talent For Your Dealership From Craigslist

So, this is what I’m hearing from my dealer clients…”I have no desire to get buried in the CL abyss. In fact I’ve tried it already and was inundated with unqualified applicants! By the time I sorted them, the only ones worth pursuing were gone!” and to top it all off, 200 applicants later, I ended up hiring only one and he stayed for less than 30 days so NO THANKS!”

Well, if this happened to you HERE’S YOUR FIX!

These simple questions and answers will help you see the light!

Q: How much traffic does craigslist get?
A: More than 50 billion page views per month

Q: How many people use craigslist?
A: More than 60 million each month in the US alone

Q: What languages does craigslist support?
A: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Q: How many classified ads does craigslist receive?
A: craigslist users post well over 80 million classified ads each month (including re-posts and renewals)

Q: How many job listings does craigslist receive?
A: More than 1 million new job listings each month

Q: What about craigslist discussion forums?
A: More than 200 million user postings in 100 topical forums

It’s quite simple. You’ve already gotten it half right. The other half will weed out hundreds of unqualified applicants and provide you with a nice clean group of much better quality candidates for any position in your dealership.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the most out of CL:

Get your craig’s list posting up and running, but add a very simple step the application process.

Buy ONE job posting from a major job board like Monster, or some other job board company OR We will even sell you a high end job posting for under 400 bucks and write all your content and set everything up for you. This posting can now be used as a LANDING PAGE. Call me and I’ll explain it in more detail if you need more information.

Once you have a landing page, or a place for candidates to LAND you post your CL posting and place inside the posting a link that will drive them to the landing page with instructions if they want to officially apply for the job they MUST follow the link. IF THEY TRY TO APPLY THROUGH CRAIGSLIST AND ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE LINK TO THE POSTING, JUST HIT DELETE.

Once they get to the link , simply add some KNOCK OUT QUESTIONS (I’ll explain these in more detail if you like and even give you some sample KO questions we use) This will FORCE the lower quality applicants out of the system because they will either have to lie, or stop answering the questions. If they don’t complete the knock out questions you never have to look at their resume. This also eliminates those pesky blind applies!

We can create your landing pages for you free of charge and set everything up so you don’t have to. You can simply sit back and enjoy the high quality applicants flowing into your dealership.

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