Now Hiring Signs = No One Wants To Work Here = Why Should I Buy Here?

What do you think about a business when you see “Now Hiring” signs out front? Ironically, most people don’t think, “Hey look, they’re hiring! I think I’ll rush right in and fill out an application!” It’s true that some may, but between the distractions of walk-in, desperate job seekers and the message you’re sending your drive by traffic, you’re doing WAY MORE HARM THAN GOOD!
When you’re in your think-tank meeting and the idea hits you that you can capitalize on the drive-by traffic by posting “now hiring” signs, STOP! Don’t do it. This actually translates to a cry for help. It is a sign of desperation and comes across to the talent you REALLY want to attract that your place of business is not a place that they want to work. Many times we see these signs when HR has been tasked with the added responsibility of doing the recruiting for the business. Years ago “help wanted” signs meant something different, but now they send a multi-message signal to your passersby that you can’t keep good people. If you can’t keep or find good people, you probably don’t have good people working there. This means the customer service must be poor. So why then would a person want to work or buy from a place like this? You might as well hang a sign outside the door that looks more like this.

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What are you supposed to do then to attract good talent?

Hint #1: Fly under the radar.

Believe it or not even newspaper ads, TV spots, and radio commercials can send a negative signal. If you’re shouting “help wanted” from the mountain tops in hopes to reach the masses, you risk that the message will be interpreted negatively. This WILL COST YOU business.

To find great people to work for your organization, you need to source for applicants or use a company who knows how to do it for you. You can fly under the radar by sending individual emails to those who’s credentials are more closely related to the position you have open.

Targeted access to potential candidates is the key to successful recruiting. The passive job seekers must be sought out and contacted by you. These passive job seekers are the people that are not responding to any job postings, newspaper ads, career fairs, social site job alerts and they are not stopping at your dealership because they saw a “NOW HIRING” sign out front. You have to gain access to THESE people. Whether through resume campaigns, harvesting from the internet, acquiring a robust, viable list (the list thing is a really bad idea) and then reaching out to them by phone or email, you have to gain access to passive candidates. OR, you can simply have us do it for you (which of course is much faster and easier).

Excellent employees with excellent work ethic are out there and you CAN find them! Big job board companies and their sub-par source and screen services will not help you accomplish this task. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a fan of at all. is missing many important elements too in accomplishing the task solo. They’re trying to duplicate programs we create that should be run by recruiters and getting it wrong, while taking market share from those of us who do it right. To top it all off they are under performing and lowering our dealer’s expectations. I wrote about that in an article called “In Their Own Words.” Sourcing applicants is a combination of art and science and candidate access is king! Let me know if you would like more info on that and I’ll send it your way. At some point if you’re going to try this on your own, you need to get your hands dirty in the candidate access mine field. For a quick fix and access to 200 million applicants a month, you can also read my article on LinkedIn at “How To Recruit Top Talent For Your Dealership From Craigslist” or you can find it on our web site at:

In addition to scaring off good help your signs are also scaring off good customers. Your good salespeople will build great relationships with their customers and TAKE THEM WITH THEM WHERE EVER THEY GO! Even if that place is across the street to work for your competition!

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In summary, attracting and recruiting talent to work for your dealership IS possible. You just need to make sure you have the right tools and that you’re not sending the wrong messages.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want our assistance with that part as well. We can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine, and yes I already know how dealing with HR can be like swatting a hornet’s nest.

We can empower you with tools so you can navigate even the toughest HR director. You also need to deploy a good strategy and process that includes a call to action, and a quick intro to your hiring manager. Once your applicant flow starts coming in you’ll begin to make smarter LESS DESPERATE choices about who you hire. The good employees are STILL out there people. You just have to know where to find them.

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