We are more than just a Recruiting Training and Consulting Company

TK Worldwide is part of a very close network of thousands of dealers around the country. We thrive on the cutting edge of the hottest trends and latest marketing products, services and techniques, and we bring it to OUR CLIENTS FIRST!


TK Worldwide, Inc. is a highly regarded consulting company with the ability to recruit talented individuals and teams and to motivate them to deliver high performance.


TK Worldwide has the ability to evaluate needs and implement strategies that increase effective communication resulting in productivity, enhanced quality and improved cost effectiveness.


We have been intrusted with vendor agreements for 4 of the top 5 dealer groups in the country. We also provide recruiting for many other groups and one point stores, both high and low volume. Our business relationships and reputation was, and continues to be built one dealership and one opportunity at a time. We interact with over 4,700 dealerships and maintain a very high level of repeat and referral business relationships.


If you are shopping other recruiting companies, ask them if they charge the applicants any fees. Research the company on the internet and BBB before entrusting your dealership reputation if you are a dealer, or your career hunt, training or job placement if you are a job seeker. If you are unsure about a company, feel free to call our home office to find out more. We will do the research for you.


The trusting relationships that we build through hard work, integrity and positive results for the dealer is the heart of our company’s unshakable foundation.



What Makes TK Worldwide, Inc. Different than other automotive specific recruiting companies?


First and foremost, we do not charge applicants for any of our services.

Using recruiting companies who charge applicants can damage a dealer’s community reputation and potentially lead to litigation. In some states those types of business practices have been outlawed and or banned.

We screen and train applicants for the dealership we are contracted with and don’t sell the overflow to your competition.

TK Worldwide Applicants know where they stand before they are trained through contingency job offers.