Kevin Bradberry

TK Worldwide, Inc. (Automotive Specific Recruiting Training Consulting and Department Installation Company)

Kevin Bradberry is a U.S. Military Veteran and a college graduate. Entering the automotive industry in the mid 90s, Kevin started out as a salesperson and worked his way up through management. In 2000 Kevin founded TK Worldwide, Inc. as the sole owner, President and CEO he manages the day to day operations of the company and speaks personally to every client. Kevin is a nationally published author and contributes his writings to multiple industry specific media outlets. Kevin has been interviewed by Automotive News Magazine, Fixed Ops Magazine, CBT News, CBT’s Service Drive Today, and others. Auto USA’s – Star Leader called Kevin’s company, “One of the automotive industry’s top recruitment and training organizations.” and he was featured in the ask the experts column of that magazine. He has also been a featured speaker at some of the country’s largest and most popular dealer conferences. In addition to holding dealership workshops on industry best practices Kevin gives on camera interviews for various video news media outlets.


The car business has been very good to me. I was a guy who wanted to tackle the world, but did not have a very good plan of how to go about it. Once I started working at a dealership I found myself in a position where the harder and smarter I worked the more prosperous I could be, and there was no limit to my prosperity in this business. When I asked my boss how to become a manager he said, “if you want to become a manager all you have to do is perfect your job as a salesperson.” And so that’s what I’ve always tried to do. We’ve spent the past years perfecting the recruiting, training and consulting process for our dealers and our company has been endorsed by the largest dealer groups in the nation and highlighted by Ford Motor Company, so I think we’re doing pretty good! The one thing I can always count on that my dealer clients will keep me grounded. When I get it wrong, they let me know about it, and when I get it right they tell other dealers and our company grows.


“My passion and drive comes from helping other people. I still enjoy training new hires on the fundamentals and helping the advanced salespeople further their careers. I find huge personal rewards in helping dealers find the most amazing talent to work for their dealership. I take my failures as a serious learning experience and give my successes over with gratitude to God. Let’s do some business together! You won’t be disappointed!”

In 1999, TK Worldwide, Inc. was initially created to serve two major functions. First, to infuse dealerships with highly motivated well trained new talent that could enhance the dealership’s performance. And secondly, to provide a unique learning experience that would improve people’s overall quality of life. This has also been the company’s mission statement since day one and it’s embedded in every facet of the company. TK Worldwide services thousands of dealer clients across the United States, has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since the year 2000 and is known as America’s most effective and respected automotive recruiting company.