Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial

I thought that Jim Cochran was a very goodtrainer. He described scenarios which related to being a car dealerthat I could learn from. He was very helpful throughout the class inmaking sure the material was understood. He was very helpful in givingstatements that could be used to make a sale. He personally helped meby going over the material one on one. He helped me learn what Ineeded to, to be successful in the business.


Student Testimonial

Mr. Harding is one of the best facilitators I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time. Being prior military trustme. I’ve seen some of the best. He really is a motivational speakerto me. He has helped me to be encouraged and to believe in myself. Ireally appreciate him to the fullest and wish him and his family themost blessed life possible. Thank you Mr. Scott Harding and may GodBless You!


Student Testimonial

All in all a very enjoyable training program with excellent delivery from our teacher, Scott Harding. I was very impressed by Scott’s use of personal experience in the automotive industry, as a means of getting his point across and explaining the ins and outs of the industry. Thank you Scott for a job well done. I look forward to getting started with the information I have learned over the past three days.

Russell Thorpe

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